Why the Hell is Making Money Bad?

Yeah, I know we are talking finances and this question on this blog seems quite paradoxical. I have, however, heard people saying this countless times and they still keep repeating it – Making money is bad. Let me ask a question to them, “Why the hell is making money bad?”

Before starting this blog, I read numerous articles that said: “Don’t start a blog if you want to make money.” Yeah Right. My point is why people preach evils of making money when everything we require out of life is bought through money. Okay, not quite everything, but most things.

I don’t believe in this crap. If you want to earn money, say it confidently and don’t be ashamed of it. People who say this are either wealthy, shy or are not able to make money. When I started this blog. I jotted down my goals clearly on a piece of paper. I want to help people to get their finances right, improve my writing skills, discuss new personal finance ideas with people, and make money as well. And I am not shy about it.

I have few ads on my website, I will plug few products (very rarely though), and start another blog to earn money. If I intend to attain a higher level of economic freedom, is it unethical? Is planning about your future and providing your family with better facilities unethical? I don’t think so, pal. It’s completely right.

People who think it’s unethical, I respect their views. But, for god’s sake, don’t dump your ideas on other people especially if it’s something related to personal finance. Earning money is good and 100% ethical.

I don’t really understand why they why they talk such things. If a person stops earning, he and his family would be starved to death. And I don’t think any religious book, not even the Bible, talks about such things. So, I would request my readers to avoid such views whenever you come across such comments. Though money-making is not the only aim of our lives, it definitely is a very important aspect. Strive to become rich, prosper your life.

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