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The real dangers of real estate tax exemption

About sixty professional footballers have been scammed by the property tax exemption, for damages that could be around 100 million euros. An isolated case ?

Malraux, Pinel, Censi-Bouvard … This is not the composition of a football team but the list of favorite tax devices of our professional footballers. According to a survey by the newspaper, nearly sixty professional football players have been victims of a scam on real estate investments. For damage estimated at between 40 and 100 million euros.

Property tax exemption schemes

Involved, well-known devices: the non-professional furnished rental (LMNP) and devices Pinel and Malraux. In all cases, it is for a taxpayer heavily taxed to buy real estate. Carry out work and deduct from his taxes a portion of the investment and rents. Devices that are completely legal but require some vigilance. Thus the newspaper the example of Gregory Bettiol, former striker OL lost everything in this case. He ended his career in 2015 on injury and today reimburses € 5,500 a month while he and his wife earn only € 5,000 monthly.

He had the weakness to believe in the promise of a financial advisor. Who offered him to invest in real estate enjoying a strong tax cut through the Malraux device. Historical heritage support mechanism offers a nice carrot tax ….

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