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Monetary system in meltdown

Nobody likes meltdowns, especially not a kid with an ice cream cone on a warm summer’s day. But nobody likes it especially when it has a lot to do with the world’s monetary system melting down into nothingness. This is the endgame right here for the dollar. It seems to be that the US dollar will not be the reserve currency of choice for the world much longer. But the most surprising bit is that a large slice of investors. Policy makers are largely unaware of what the dollar losing its reserve status means for the world and for them. Continue reading

When is the right time for selling gold?

The precious yellow metal is steering its price every day and presently. It has hit the record high and people and investors are considering it a safe haven. While all the stocks becoming poor as the companies are failing to perform at the desired level. Because of recession, bonds are in equal distress as the government is under a huge deficit. In such an economic scenario the best way is to cling on to gold. Economists also find the recent fiscal strength of gold as a shield to protect investors from inflation, falling value of the dollar, rising oil prices and so on. Investors are consequently looking forward to selling gold and are predicting the time. When they can translate their gold n to cash.

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