Redefining Retirement

Being an investment planner, every week I develop a variety of investment and retirement plans. I talk to them and try to understand their goals, their fears, their dreams, and their vision to work on their retirement portfolio. We, together, analyze their financial status today and how they can reach their goals in next 10, 15, or 20 years.

Though it is too early to decide the right age for me to retire, I started giving it a thought. I don’t work all days, it’s 3-4 days a week depending on the business. Hence, I always used to motivate my clients that I may retire at the age of 36 (I am 28 now). Word started spreading and people, now, really believe that I would retire at 36.

While it would take a lot (a lot would be the tiny word) to retire at 36, it can be possible.

What is retirement?

If the definition of retirement means stopping your working, carrying your money down south, and drinking whole day, I wouldn’t, then, think of retiring even at 70. Meeting many people though have changed my perception of retirement, which now means not stopping your working but putting an end to do forced work.

Many of my clients decide to retire at 60. Though most of them are quite wealthy, they wouldn’t retire early mainly because they are now involved in real work, something they like to do, related to their passion. Some have taken up new projects, some start working in the new sector, etc. I guess this is the real definition of retirement. Let me, however, the point of few essential of retirement that I would prefer.

Retirement for me is:
  • Not having any boss. I would like to make my own decisions, every time I have to.
  • Working, but not every day.
  • Taking up something I really love doing, like a hobby or something I always preferred. Though not everything fits the criteria. I cannot join US military at 60-65.
  • No working hours. Definitely not a 9-5 job.
  • Spending some quality time with my family. Though I have always been a good spouse and dad, I would love to be with them always.
  • Travel more. Not business trips, but vacations.

However, the thought of not working at all haunts me. Hence, even if I retire, I would continue working on something. These preferences, however, purely depends on how much funds you accumulate by when.

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