ING Share builder in retrospect

Online brokerages and trading companies are something that has interested me for some time now. After all, if I am going to avail of the services of a brokerage, why pay any more than I have to? With ING Share builder, the costs of using an online brokerage drops considerably and it lifts all conventional barriers to investing that some others might consider to be in place. The problem with most online brokerages I looked at was the minimum investment. Frankly said, it was a stumbling block. I was not willing to put in $500 as a minimum. It’s not that I didn’t have it; I just wasn’t keen to put that much in to begin with. What if I were buying into a dud?

I’d much rather keep the amount small since this was a dry run of sorts before I fully okayed the online brokerage and the extra liquidity wouldn’t hurt, now would it? It’s not like I live a check to check existence, but some more dollars in the bank was never a bad thing. All things said and done, I opened an account with ING Share builder for the following reasons.

There were no minimum investment thresholds

I’ve already outlined why I am hesitant to make anything more than the bare minimum investment, so this one caveat of ING Share builder was more than enough to win me over and get me to sign on the dotted line, so to speak.

I can deal in as much or as little as I want

It is just extremely convenient to be able to buy stocks in whole or infractions as you want it. Think of it this way; sometimes, I don’t want to have a whole damned pie. I like pie. Hell, I love pie. But some days I will want only a slice. At other times, I will want the whole damn thing. The ability to have it as I want it is just enormously…tasty.

Automatic money market account allocation

This is one of those little freebies that make you happy to have made a decision. As humans, we are naturally forgetful and don’t fully optimize our finances sometimes. But with this, any excess money flows into the money market account and I end up getting higher interest rates. My money is making money for me without my even trying to do so. And that’s the way it should be.

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