How to File Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer

Filing for Bankruptcy is quite a stressful situation. People go for this option because they aren’t left with any funds to repay their debts. However, this process too asks for money as it involves hiring an attorney to perform the necessary process. So, instead of paying an attorney, you opt to do it yourself. But you don’t know how to file bankruptcy without a lawyer.

It seems that our government is least bothered about people buried under debts. Filing for bankruptcy is a complicated process. To make it worse, hiring an attorney is mandatory if you want to file it legitimately. It was possible to file a bankruptcy yourself before 2005 until Congress government introduced a law that asks for an attorney. So, instead of eliminating your problems, our system is making it increasingly difficult for people to wipe out their debts. Many other amendments were made that were certainly not helpful to the citizens.

For instance, they introduced something called as “means test”. This test helps them to know if an individual is still capable of repaying the debt even after filing for bankruptcy. However, you don’t have to bother about it if your salary is below the median income standard set by your state. But if it’s higher, they will make sure you have more problems. First, a rigorous process of determining your repayment capability which will be followed by calls to extract money to pay off your debts.

In order to avoid this stressful situation. You will have to show all the necessary documents pertaining to your expenses and income. This, however, can be proficiently done by an attorney, and that’s exactly why you will need one. Hence, even if you know how to file a bankruptcy without a lawyer, it would be futile. For an individual to navigate all the bankruptcy codes requires excellent knowledge or a law degree.

You would have probably heard about filing a bankruptcy without a lawyer some years ago because, in today’s scenario, it’s not possible. The law introduced by Congress in 2005 doesn’t permit it. So, instead of wasting much time in finding how to file bankruptcy without a lawyer, find a cheap, proficient attorney which will serve the purpose.


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