FNBO Direct: a quick overview

The First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO for short) has a range of offerings, one of which is the FNBO Direct account. FNBO is a subsidiary of the First National of Nebraska and as of today, it is the single largest privately owned bank in the United States. It was founded way back in 1850 and opened its doors to the public in 1857 by a collection of Iowan settlers. And since then FNBO has never looked back. FNBO has also been a trailblazer in driving women into the workforce. FNBO Direct is but one of the options that FNBO offers by way of services. The bank has a rich tradition of firsts to its name.

Back in 1913, the First National Bank of Omaha was quick to institute a “Ladies Department” that was manned (pardon the bad pun) entirely by women. Right from the tellers to the bankers, they were all women. It was only during the Great Depression that FNBO cemented its reputation. As one of the elite banks of America, the crème de la creme. It honored every withdrawal that was asked of it and that was a great rarity in those times. Today, spread throughout Nebraska, Texas, and Iowa, you will find a little more than 30 brick and mortar branches of FNBO spread out. But the online wing of FNBO is open to all.

FNBO has always been among the best in offering savings and CD interest rates but given the state of the economy. We are in their best is not anything like what it used to be. Consider this little factoid; a little more than 3 years ago. FNBO offered a staggering 6.00% APY for their online savings accounts. That is excellent by any stretch of the imagination and it affirmed the simple fact. That the bank is fully committed to offering the best interest rates in any given economic climate. Opening an FNBO account itself is a speedy and easy procedure that takes as much time. It would for you to microwave and consume a cup of your favorite hot beverage.

First things first, you have to obviously visit the First National Bank of Omaha website and apply for a new account. From there on, you have to enter your personal information. Confirm your identity fill in a signature card and then customize and inject funds into your account. FNBO Direct might or might not be the bank for you. But their track record and interest rates really should speak for itself.


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