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Stock Market Basics – This is Why You Always Lose Money on Stocks

Losing money is not funny at all. It hurts. Yet people don’t alter their strategies and behavior. Instead, they switch their investment from one company to another, hoping they would earn this time. But they don’t. The problem is not stocks, it’s you. These few stock market basics will point out why you always lose money. Continue reading

Invest in Stock Market Like a Pro

Many economists, during the beginning of 2018, expected the market to drop down further. However, the market behaved the other way round, and so far it has performed well with minor fluctuations.

But economists cannot be incorrect every time. Many have predicted a very slow growth for the next five years, and some are pointing to a double-dip recession. In such atmosphere, you cannot expect companies to perform at their peaks. So, the market can be a bit bumpy at times. However, if you have a right investment strategy, and the right approach, you don’t have worry about the rough trends. Here are few tips that will help you get going even in a tough market situation: Continue reading

How to Keep Your Cool in Fluctuating Market?

We all knew it was coming. With more than 80% rise in stock price in just 13 months was a strong sign of an unrealistic bubble, which had to eventually burst. So, it was expected.

However, according to economists, we may have to face a double-dip recession, or even a ‘Lost Decade’, which would make the situation scarier. Besides, unstable economic growth in Europe, especially in Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, and Greece is a rising concern. China may face a slowdown in GDP growth and we may see further job cuts in the near future. Continue reading

Tips on How to Invest in Stocks For Beginners

Investing in stock market may be a bit confusing especially for beginners. Due to its volatile nature, first time investors bear a risk of losing all their funds. Hence, I have conducted a comprehensive research and have come up with tips on how to invest in stocks for beginners. Some are very critical, while some may be taken lightly. Continue reading