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Personal Financial Planning Process

Financial planning is probably a thing that each one of use should incorporate in our lives. In the absence of such planning, your life would be nothing but a complete financial mess with no funds to finance your marriage, no savings for your retirement, and no money to educate your children.

You can initiate the personal financial planning process at any age, it’s never late to start it. There are, however, certainly many benefits of starting early in life. You have more years to reach your financial goals and enjoy its benefits.

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Personal Finance tips

Managing your Personal Finance is one of the most important aspects of our lives. We all worry about it all the time. Yet, most of us don’t bother to take care of your personal finance appropriately. We look at out credit score once a year and ponder on how it went so low. Yet, on the next day we start squandering and borrowing money. What we lack is a figurehead that can offer us personal finance tips.

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Some wackiest items getting costlier by oil price rise

I see a lot of hue and cry as the oil price surges. The rise in the price of oil is making every single individual take the toll in terms if high payments made in the market. Every single commodity is linked with the oil price and thus the oil price is hitting them all from the bottom to move up make out wallets empty. Even moving around has become costly as the transportation cost has increased by many folds for the oil price has hit highest. In the midst of so much economic pressure. We need to look through the list of widgets or services that will become costly in the near future. Just have a look at the following costs that will spike soon making us spend more.

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If you want to be a Millionaire think Like a Banker

So, you want to be a millionaire like the elite few? That’s a wonderful thing, but you will never become a millionaire if your mindset is quite similar to an average person. When you handle your checkbook, treat it as if you work for the bank instead of just blowing it away for personal use. There is only one way to become wealthy and that’s by managing your money efficiently. Most of us are under debt, crave for more money and live from paycheck to paycheck because of ineffective use of funds.

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