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House about buying a foreclosed home

Hold it right there; why exactly are you even considering the possibility of buying a foreclosed property at this moment in time? You have to be either very batty or very rich to be doing so, and considering the fact that you’ve stumbled upon this blog. I’d say that the former is a very strong possibility. Hear me out on this one before you go ahead and buy that foreclosed property.

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Mortgage protection life insurance can be a lifesaver

In the most real sense, mortgage protection life insurance can save your home and be a real lifesaver. Of course, you might not reap the benefits of mortgage protection life insurance as a policyholder. But you can rest assured that your family will stand to gain from it. In essence, mortgage protection life insurance completely cuts out the risk of your family. Being left homeless in the event that you pass away before the home mortgage is fully paid off.

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Fighting Mortgage Fraud Charges

If real estate market was one of the most booming industries then the recent economic downturn has made it rank among the worst ones. This is the only reason that caused a dramatic increase in the number of mortgage frauds. Or at least that’s what people believe. It’s been said that majority of these fraud cases, quite surprisingly are not due to the meltdown. But battle between mortgage insider and the borrower.

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Expansion in the Canadian Mortgage market signals a healthy economy

It’s a daunting task in today’s market to choose a residential mortgage. The borrowers, in this case, are open to a wide array of choices. Each lender claims to be the best one and presents their benefits in a flamboyant manner to entice the borrowers. With so many best products at your disposal , you are sure to get puzzled while making your selection.

But this is an extreme case that I have narrated. The terms and conditions for mortgage vary across different lending institutions. The interest rates for mortgage, also form one institution to another. Depending upon the terms a borrower is looking for some lending institutions may change the rate interest on a residential mortgage.

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Types of Interest Rates on Home Loans

One of the most important things to consider while going for a home loan is the applicable interest rate. There are various types of interest rates offered by a financial institution for your convenience. You can opt for any type on interest rate depending on you ability to repay the loan. Let’s have a look at various types of loans prevailing in the market.

Fixed Interest Rates on Home Loans

As the name suggests, the interest rate on your mortgage would be fixed if you opt for this type of loan. Hence, the amount you pay every month as installment is non-variable. For people on a budget, this is a very good option as they would be able to set aside a fixed amount every month. This is also good option for people with fixed income as they don’t have to worry about sudden hike in interest hike.

Adjustable Interest Rates on Home Loans

In this type of loan, interest rates are not fixed, i.e. it’s variable. So, the installment amount you pay every month would vary depending on the market movements. Although it is variable, the interest rate cannot rise beyond a certain level. This is usually preferred by many people as fixed rate can prove to be a bit costlier than variable rates. If, however, there is a rise in the interest rate, you will have to pay more.

Capped Interest Rate on Home Loans

Here, the receiver of the loan would need to pay an accumulated interest rate based on fixed rate procedure. If, however, the rates fall beyond the capped amount, the borrower has to pay less.

Discounted Interest Rates on Home Loans

If banks offer discounted interest rates, obviously everyone would borrow such loan. It is, however, offered by few banks and for a limited period of time. Recently many banks provided discountedrates to boost loans and real estate sales after the market crash.

To get the best deal available in the market, You must compare all the types of loans provided by all the banks and select the best one according to your needs. Few banks would agree to provide a customized loan based on your requirements. However, interest rates on home loans offered by a bank vary from individual to individual as credit score is a big factor influencing loan rates.

A Casual Letter to Credit Provider

Respected Credit Provider,

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Buying a Condominium: Some Essential Guidelines

These days buying condominiums instead of purchasing single-family homes has become extremely common. However, if you are buying a condo for the first time, you must follow certain guidelines to avoid all kinds of hitches. This article will offer you the major guidelines you will require before making this major purchase.

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