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Personal car leasing is a so-so idea

Remember that TV shows ‘Pimp my ride’? It featured singing sensation ‘Xzibit’ (ok, maybe not singing sensation, but still) taking run-down cars and then doing it up so that they were all ‘bling bling’. Or something like that, my rap-speak lexicon is a bit thin. Anyhow, he recently filed for bankruptcy saying that his being kicked off the show cost him big money. A quick look at his finances reveals otherwise; on a salary of $67,000 a year after being kicked off the show, the guy using personal car leasing services to pay $2,200 a month for a Range Rover. What? The guy is out of his mind…he wants to act like he’s “balling” on that salary.

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7 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid While Holding Your Yard Sale

If you are planning to host a yard sale to earn some money from clutter or simply to buy some more clutter next season, here are few common mistakes you must avoid to increase profit and have an easy de-cluttering process.

1.    Breaking the 3 Rules

A yard sale cannot be a success if you break three most important rules: advertising, advertising, and advertising. The more you advertise the better deal you will receive. Make use of Craig list, community bulletin boards, local news paper, and other sources to spread the word. Make sure you mention sale hours and examples of items on sale, clearly in the ad. This will help you to attract relevant customers and keep them from coming at 6 am at your place. Continue reading

How Will The New Credit Card Law Affect You?

If you are a credit card user, there is definitely some good news for you, at least that’s what it seems with the implementation of the new credit card law. Providers, now, have to legally issue a warning in advance if they intend to hike your interest rate. Which was certainly not the case previously.

Every bill they issue must possess information on how many months it would take to repay the total amount if they make the minimum payment every month. Wow! What a relief for credit card users! It seems to be a beginning or end of the credit card loot era. Continue reading