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How to File Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer

Filing for Bankruptcy is quite a stressful situation. People go for this option because they aren’t left with any funds to repay their debts. However, this process too asks for money as it involves hiring an attorney to perform the necessary process. So, instead of paying an attorney, you opt to do it yourself. But you don’t know how to file bankruptcy without a lawyer. Continue reading

Buying A House After Bankruptcy is Possible

Filing for bankruptcy certainly obliterates your eligibility to borrow money, mainly in the months after filing and settlement. Buying a new house, however, within 18-24 months of filing is feasible if you aware of the essential steps to be taken.

After filing for bankruptcy – chapter 13 or chapter 7, it doesn’t matter – your credit score will be radically impacted. It would probably reach the lowest point. However, you now know where you stand financially and you have learned a lot from this experience. And the good news is, you are at the lowest credit score you can ever get and there is only one direction to move in – and that’s up. Continue reading