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A fight in the offing

There’s a long list of people that have a bone to pick with banks that have been very slipshod in the way that they have managed their foreclosure and mortgage processes. And to that list of people with a fighting chance of winning this fight.

You can add the Federal Reserve. And why not? It’s been two years since the Fed purchased mortgages worth billions of dollars in mortgage securities. And as part of this financial bailout that they have extended towards banks. The demand is now forthcoming from the Fed to make the banks buy back some of these bad mortgages. That they lumped onto the Federal Reserve. Continue reading

Raising capital is just half the job done

Very few banks go about raising capital in a better manner than Standard Chartered. The British bank has made a living and a name out of dealing extensively in lending to emerging markets. And they are planning to get another rights issue of $5.2 billion out on the market. This offer comes in just as markets in Asia are starting to fly high thanks to foreign investors pumping in funds as if there were no tomorrow. The funds that Standard Chartered does plan to raise should effectively take its core. Tier 1 ratio of capital to assets to a figure nearing approximately 12 %. This is a measure that the regulatory watchdogs will be watching with a great deal of anticipation as it is. Standard Carteret’s projected year end ratio of 10% is already better than most other European banks. Continue reading


5 charges you should be aware of

1There are new regulations now in place that will restrict your overdraft fees and card charges that will have a direct impact on the way you bank because of these limitations. While good for you is not good for your bank. And so like the big bad wolf, they too will come up with new ways to huff and puff and blow your house down. Make sure you aren’t ambushed by a Kung fee warrior (sorry for the poor pun). Generally, new fees are communicated to you only via monthly statements. But you should keep a close eye on your account and analyze 5 common fees to see how you can circumvent them. Continue reading

ING Sharebuilder in retrospect

Online brokerages and trading companies are something that has interested me for some time now. After all, if I am going to avail of the services of a brokerage. Why pay any more than I have to? With ING Sharebuilder, the costs of using an online brokerage drop considerably and it lifts all conventional barriers to investing that some others might consider being in place. The problem with most online brokerages I looked at was the minimum investment. Frankly said it was a stumbling block. I was not willing to put in $500 as a minimum. It’s not that I didn’t have it; I just wasn’t keen to put that much in, to begin with. What if I were buying into a dud?

Continue reading