British Airways credit card: helping you get miles of smiles

If you’re a regular traveler on British Airways. Perhaps it is time for you to avail of the British Airways credit card and maximize your miles and flying experience with the renowned airline from Blighty. You should know though that there is an annual fee of $75 levied on the British Airways credit card. And this fee is pretty much par for the course for almost any kind of rewards credit card. But it’s still something you should know. Better be informed rather than being surprised by any charges that pop up on your statement sometime later, right?

If you’re considering shifting from your current credit card company to the British Airways credit card for maximum joy. Know that they will charge 4.9% interest on all balance transfers and purchases for the first five months of the credit card’s life. Which is a pretty fair offer. The one thing I will take issue with though is their variable APR; at 16.99% (don’t you love subliminal pricing?). It is quite high for a card of this kind and a major put off.

If you aren’t going to fly on British Airways a lot and clock up the miles, don’t even consider this card. There’s more good news where that came from. The variable APR of 22.74% on all cash advances is mildly ludicrous. Then there are finance charges that are payable on any purchases that are not paid for within the first 20 days of the billing period and little charges for services. Such as cash advances and balance transfers add up to a fair bit if you’re not careful. Late payment charges are charged as when they occur, obviously.

Now, let’s get to the good part. The bonus program of the British Airways credit card means that it awards you a travel mile per purchase and two travel miles when you fly on British Airways. You kick things off with 15,000 bonus miles. When you make your first purchase and a nice little touch is that you can rack up. As many points as you want in a year and these miles will not lapse just so long as your frequent flier account shows some signs of being used every three years.

The miles so earned can be redeemed on British Airways or on any allied airlines. Then there’s a $1,000,000 worth of travel insurance, auto rental insurance, and even your lost luggage is insured. There’s no spending limit and your limit is set as per your spending patterns and payment history. The British Airways credit card is a good choice if you fly frequently on British Airways but not otherwise.

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