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7 financial myths

The 7 financial myths of which you should know

Maybe not everything is as you had been told and when it comes to finances. It is best to investigate, take risks and see results before just relying on other people’s experiences. In relation to this, in recent years there have been a lot of financial myths of which it is best to become ” deaf ears  . Many people this, and unfortunately most take them as true.

Because of that, and because we need to eliminate that disinformation veil from your sight. We will bring you 7 of these great myths that may have deceived you and that are holding back your financial growth. Raise awareness to new generations about this type of fallacies that have no foundation and thus. You will generate a positive change in your financial education. Pay a lot of attention!

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529 College Savings Plan

529 Plan

This is a savings plan sponsored by state to encourage people to save for college expenses. Parents can contribute towards this plan to pay some, if not not all, college expenses of their children. However, it’s not mandatory to use the funds for your child. You can, at any time, change the beneficiary of the plan. Along with compulsory savings, this plan offers certain tax benefits.

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Charles Schwab Credit Card: what made it tick

The Charles Schwab Credit Card has since been discontinued by Schwab. But let’s try and scratch the surface and see what made this card tick. The Charles Schwab Credit Card was an effort by Schwab to try and get as many accounts to their fold as they possibly could. This gave birth to a card that was essence a cash rebate credit card. What that meant is that all of your rebates get accumulated straight into your Schwab account. Let’s now look at some numbers instead of going on about what the card was all about in the first place.

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House about buying a foreclosed home

Hold it right there; why exactly are you even considering the possibility of buying a foreclosed property at this moment in time? You have to be either very batty or very rich to be doing so, and considering the fact that you’ve stumbled upon this blog. I’d say that the former is a very strong possibility. Hear me out on this one before you go ahead and buy that foreclosed property.

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British Airways credit card: helping you get miles of smiles

If you’re a regular traveler on British Airways. Perhaps it is time for you to avail of the British Airways credit card and maximize your miles and flying experience with the renowned airline from Blighty. You should know though that there is an annual fee of $75 levied on the British Airways credit card. And this fee is pretty much par for the course for almost any kind of rewards credit card. But it’s still something you should know. Better be informed rather than being surprised by any charges that pop up on your statement sometime later, right?

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Mortgage protection life insurance can be a lifesaver

In the most real sense, mortgage protection life insurance can save your home and be a real lifesaver. Of course, you might not reap the benefits of mortgage protection life insurance as a policyholder. But you can rest assured that your family will stand to gain from it. In essence, mortgage protection life insurance completely cuts out the risk of your family. Being left homeless in the event that you pass away before the home mortgage is fully paid off.

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Personal Financial Planning Process

Financial planning is probably a thing that each one of use should incorporate in our lives. In the absence of such planning, your life would be nothing but a complete financial mess with no funds to finance your marriage, no savings for your retirement, and no money to educate your children.

You can initiate the personal financial planning process at any age, it’s never late to start it. There are, however, certainly many benefits of starting early in life. You have more years to reach your financial goals and enjoy its benefits.

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ideas to get money

4 ideas to get money

There is no doubt that the best way to get income is to get a job. If you do not have one right now. We encourage you and wish you luck in your search. While you find it, you can take note of these original ideas to get money offer advertising support, sell gold or second-hand items, sell crafts on the Internet, request a mini-credit company or bet online.

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tax exemption

The real dangers of real estate tax exemption

About sixty professional footballers have been scammed by the property tax exemption, for damages that could be around 100 million euros. An isolated case ?

Malraux, Pinel, Censi-Bouvard … This is not the composition of a football team but the list of favorite tax devices of our professional footballers. According to a survey by the newspaper, nearly sixty professional football players have been victims of a scam on real estate investments. For damage estimated at between 40 and 100 million euros.

Property tax exemption schemes

Involved, well-known devices: the non-professional furnished rental (LMNP) and devices Pinel and Malraux. In all cases, it is for a taxpayer heavily taxed to buy real estate. Carry out work and deduct from his taxes a portion of the investment and rents. Devices that are completely legal but require some vigilance. Thus the newspaper the example of Gregory Bettiol, former striker OL lost everything in this case. He ended his career in 2015 on injury and today reimburses € 5,500 a month while he and his wife earn only € 5,000 monthly.

He had the weakness to believe in the promise of a financial advisor. Who offered him to invest in real estate enjoying a strong tax cut through the Malraux device. Historical heritage support mechanism offers a nice carrot tax ….

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SCPI: the bottom of the real estate investment that pays 5 times more than the Livret A

4.35% in 2018, who says better? For several years, REITs (Civil Real Estate Investment Trusts) have been leading the way in terms of yield, with a performance of 4.43% in 2017 and 4.35% in 2018. This is 3 times higher than life insurance (euro funds) and 5 times higher than the Livret A yield. While the decline is significant, this investment has become a must for savers, especially those preparing for retirement. We take you behind the scenes of his star investments.

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