As a 30 something business school graduate with a major in finance. I understand fully the importance of finance in the larger scheme of things, and to disseminate my knowledge about finance I started Finance Genie. Most finance blogs you will find offer somewhat generic opinions. But my background and interests means that while Finance Genie will offer up that kind of generic advice from time to time.

The main issue will be the larger picture; about the economy, investing, banking, business and the role of geopolitics in it all. And yes, we will also talk about money; bankruptcy, credit cards, tips, financial literacy. We touch upon all of this is a manner that allows us all to be more financially literate and independent. That is the ultimate goal and my ultimate wish for you so that you will be free to pursue your dreams and passions.

Our worries are the same as yours. We worry about retirement, the costs of education, the welfare of our money, mortgages, real estate boom and bust cycles. We are like you in many ways. But we are not the be-all and end-all of financial advice; we merely want to educate you so that you can take your own decisions in the end. It’s the same old philosophy at work, you feed a man a fish and you’ve fed him for the day.

Teach him to fish and you’ve fed him for life. I wish to teach you fishing then in a manner of speaking, and I want you to avoid my pitfalls. I don’t want you to live from paycheck to paycheck. Don’t want you to ever face nearly losing your home and I want you to make more sound financial decisions. And better financial decision-making is a journey, one we hope to accompany you on.

Stay in touch with the blog for the latest happenings in the green car industry, as we believe in customer’s satisfaction when it comes to reliable sources and buying advice. By providing all these reliable resources on one particular blog, we really hope that it will save your money and at the mean time you will contribute little in saving the environment.