7 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid While Holding Your Yard Sale

If you are planning to host a yard sale to earn some money from clutter or simply to buy some more clutter next season, here are few common mistakes you must avoid to increase profit and have an easy de-cluttering process.

1.    Breaking the 3 Rules

A yard sale cannot be a success if you break three most important rules: advertising, advertising, and advertising. The more you advertise the better deal you will receive. Make use of Craig list, community bulletin boards, local news paper, and other sources to spread the word. Make sure you mention sale hours and examples of items on sale, clearly in the ad. This will help you to attract relevant customers and keep them from coming at 6 am at your place.

2.    Lack of Items

You don’t have to hold a yard sale if want to sell your old pair of shoes only. Sell it on eBay instead. Until you don’t have many items, don’t even think about having a yard sale; it will be a disaster. If a yard sale is what you want, ask you, neighbors or friends, to have a joint-sale, to make it a bigger one.

3.    Use Signboards

Not all your customers would come through ads. Some may just drop in after soccer practice, while some may be pulled in from highways after dropping their kids to school. You can attract many other passers-by simply by placing easy-to-read signboards on the roads that directs them straight to your sale. Inform them well in advance, where they need to go, instead of giving them last minute directions.

Make use of arrows more than text. Simply use yard sale name and arrows on the board instead of writing down the address on each of them. Use a bunch of high-flying balloons to let your customers know they have arrived at the destination. Remember to remove the signs after the sale is over, or you may irritate several late customers.

4.    Practical Prices

Remember it’s a yard-sale, not a celebrity auction. Several items may be priceless for you because of several memories attached with them. But think from a buyer’s perspective while selling them off. You wouldn’t become rich selling your junk; it’s just to clean your clutter and earn some money. Don’t be emotionally attached to the items on sale. If something is really worthy, simply don’t sell it.

Be open to negotiations. This will encourage interaction with customers and you may arrive at a deal acceptable to both parties. Make your junk sale into an interesting event rather than a depressing one.

5.    Selling Pets

Everyone loves pets. However, keeping them on sale during a yard sale may not be a wise thing to do. All the crowd and buzz might irritate your pet. Besides, your pet might too irritate your customers. And remember, this is a sale, not a zoo. If you intend to sell pets, keep them indoors, or at least away from the crowd.

6.    Disorganized Sale

Yes, shoppers are expected to dig a little, but not with a spade and digger to get their golden item. If you have apparels on sale, separate men’s and women’s clothing. Have an organized sale instead of simply have one section named ‘junk’ in the middle of your backyard.

7.    Keeping No Change

If you don’t have change during a yard sale, you may miss out on many potential customers. You cannot expect them to bring the right amount of change for their purchases.

‘Yard Sale’ is an American phenomenon. This is our way of selling off things that we don’t use anymore. While you hold this event, enjoy the weather, vivid customers, and the cash. Make it a memorable event of your life.

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