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Tired of high banking fees?

Banks were earlier known for their safety and hence were extensively relied on but now, the times have changed and they have got pretty risky. There are plenty of banks in America which give their clients runaround while disclosing the banking fees. Federal Reserve terms say that the banks have to maintain complete transparency for their bank fees but still the banks continue to treat their customers evasively if they request for the banking fees. This evasive bank treatment has previously been reported by non profit organization called US PIRG and it works for consumer welfare.

US PIRG conducted a survey involving 392 financial institutions which include the credit unions and banks. All the institutions are distributed in 21 states in the US and this survey also included one dozen online banks. Reports said that less than forty percent of surveyed banks do not comply with directives on Savings Act.

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Mobile Banking software and its many faces

Among the several changes running in the banking industry, installing mobile banking software happens to be one of the major investments among banks of all volumes. Mobile phones are now all time companion of every man and are an essential tool of our daily life. Every function that we perform in our daily life somehow touches this medium of communication. The mobile phones have actually revolutionized the way humans lead their life in 21st century.

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Car lease calculator: use it and understand car leases

The fundamental principle of leasing a car is quite simple in itself. Yet many automotive consumers don’t understand or don’t want to understand this simple concept. It is almost as if they are too afraid of it. Unwilling to even use a car lease calculator to see if it benefits them. Many think of it as a bit of con on the part of clever dealers looking to make a quick buck. Some see it as a “rent to own” scheme that is pointless. And a waste of good money that could be put into owning a car. Some say it’s only good for businesses but it does make sense for quite many people.

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Fighting Mortgage Fraud Charges

If real estate market was one of the most booming industries then the recent economic downturn has made it rank among the worst ones. This is the only reason that caused a dramatic increase in the number of mortgage frauds. Or at least that’s what people believe. It’s been said that majority of these fraud cases, quite surprisingly are not due to the meltdown. But battle between mortgage insider and the borrower.

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