How to Get Best Credit Card Offers?

People believe finding best among all the credit card offers to prevail in the market is the most difficult thing about choosing credit cards. I am not n exception. Though there are several companies offering great benefits, all cater to different needs. So, if you look from one perspective, it’s not difficult but impossible to find best credit card offers.

Hence, before you start with your exploration journey, I would suggest you identify a particular need or a perspective. This would give you are direction and a common platform to start with. Once you have derived this, it isn’t difficult to get the best offer in your hand. Continue reading “How to Get Best Credit Card Offers?”

Low Interest Credit Cards are Not Always Good

Low-interest Credit Cards are not always good especially if you don’t know why you are acquiring it. Besides, applying for every low-interest card that comes into your mailbox is probably the worst thing you can do to your credit score. Before we move on to why is it so, let’s understand what actually a low-interest card is.

Low-Interest Credit Card

It is a credit card with a lower interest rate or APR (Annual Percentage Rate) than other cards in the market. These rates usually range from 6% to 15%, depending on how creditworthy you are. Currently, there are three types of rates applicable to a credit card. Continue reading “Low Interest Credit Cards are Not Always Good”

How They Set Credit Limits on Credit Cards? And How to Increase it?

We all use dozens of credit cards, most of them have different credit limits, but we aren’t aware of how these credit limits on credit cards are set, are we? Let’s discuss how this thing works.

It’s been more than 5 years I have left my previous employment, which was a credit card company. However, I can still recall how they set credit limits for different people. There are two main factors that influence the credit limits on credit cards for an individual. These two factors are annual income and credit score. Approval of a credit card also depends mainly on these two factors. Continue reading “How They Set Credit Limits on Credit Cards? And How to Increase it?”

A Casual Letter to Credit Provider

Respected Credit Provider,

You would agree with me if I say things aren’t as smooth as they were before the financial crisis. Sometimes, however, I wonder about how you choose to lend money to some and reject others. Previously, I was a strong supporter of borrowing money and using it to prevent temporary financial problems. While I haven’t altered my opinions about borrowed money, I have started reconsidering whether the credit provider, which means you, deserve the support and respect offered by us, people in the US. Continue reading “A Casual Letter to Credit Provider”

How to File Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer

Filing for Bankruptcy is quite a stressful situation. People go for this option because they aren’t left with any funds to repay their debts. However, this process too asks for money as it involves hiring an attorney to perform the necessary process. So, instead of paying an attorney, you opt to do it yourself. But you don’t know how to file bankruptcy without a lawyer. Continue reading “How to File Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer”

Buying A House After Bankruptcy is Possible

Filing for bankruptcy certainly obliterates your eligibility to borrow money, mainly in the months after filing and settlement. Buying a new house, however, within 18-24 months of filing is feasible if you aware of the essential steps to be taken.

After filing for bankruptcy – chapter 13 or chapter 7, it doesn’t matter – your credit score will be radically impacted. It would probably reach the lowest point. However, you now know where you stand financially and you have learned a lot from this experience. And the good news is, you are at the lowest credit score you can ever get and there is only one direction to move in – and that’s up. Continue reading “Buying A House After Bankruptcy is Possible”

Emergency Funds and Its Levels

For many years, from the time I have heard about emergency funds. Then, I thought there was the only one which is a basic level of Emergency Fund. While talking to one of the other financial counselors, I realized there are actually many such levels.

Before we move directly to the levels of these funds. Let’s discuss a bit about how and why to build an emergency. As the name suggests, it’s a fund accumulated to help you fight against financial emergencies. A single unexpected situation like hospitalization or divorce can sweep your years of effort to maintain the credit score. And then, you would definitely agree with me if I say these emergencies are unavoidable and come in every individual’s life. Continue reading “Emergency Funds and Its Levels”

Few Practical Personal Finance Tips

Managing your money is one of the most important aspects of our lives. We all worry about it all the time. Yet, most of us don’t bother to take care of your personal finance appropriately. We look at out credit score once a year and ponder on how it went so low. Yet, on the next day we start squandering and borrowing money.

We all know emergencies are inevitable and we would need money for such situations. But we don’t save even a dollar for our own financial back up. We keep delaying it. And one day you wake up to realize it’s too late. Continue reading “Few Practical Personal Finance Tips”