Monthly Archives: April 2011

Some wackiest items getting costlier by oil price rise

I see a lot of hue and cry as the oil price surges. The rise in the price of oil is making every single individual take the toll in terms if high payments made in the market. Every single commodity is linked with the oil price and thus the oil price is hitting them all from the bottom to move up make out wallets empty. Even moving around has become costly as the transportation cost has increased by many folds for the oil price has hit highest. In the midst of so much economic pressure. We need to look through the list of widgets or services that will become costly in the near future. Just have a look at the following costs that will spike soon making us spend more.

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When is the right time for selling gold?

The precious yellow metal is steering its price every day and presently. It has hit the record high and people and investors are considering it a safe haven. While all the stocks becoming poor as the companies are failing to perform at the desired level. Because of recession, bonds are in equal distress as the government is under a huge deficit. In such an economic scenario the best way is to cling on to gold. Economists also find the recent fiscal strength of gold as a shield to protect investors from inflation, falling value of the dollar, rising oil prices and so on. Investors are consequently looking forward to selling gold and are predicting the time. When they can translate their gold n to cash.

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