Monthly Archives: February 2011

How to choose between stocks and Forex

When you’re looking to start investing, it can be difficult to know whether to invest your money in stocks, mutual funds, forex trading and more. With so many options, so will send him their money in a mattress and want the best. True wisdom is, however, lies in diversification. Here are some things to know about stocks and currency to help you decide if you want one or both in your wallet.

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Weighted Average Cost of Capital 101

The dotcom era was a wonderful time and everyone was so positively bullish on the prospects of the market. Some said that the Dow Jones would soar to 30,000 and the NASDAQ was the place to be. But all of this was mere hype, as history will attest to and investors soon came back down to terra firma. When they realized their valuations were grossly exaggerated. When such corrections occur. It is important to return to basics and understand just what went wrong with your decision making. That’s when you must take a look at the basic way of arriving at a stock’s valuation by looking at Weighted Average Cost of Capital.

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West Virginia income tax modification: prospect for senior citizens

Recent news on West Virginia’s tax structure revealed that tax modifications of West Virginia substantially differ from the income tax modification and credit modification.

Tax exemptions in West Virginia has reveled some interesting fact about the senior citizens of the state. The government allows an exemption of $2000 on tax for each person. Besides, surviving spouse who has not married again before the end of the taxable year, for which tax return has been filed, have been given the right to claim an additional tax exemption that amounts 2 taxable years, after the death of his/her spouse.

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