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Federal Income Tax Refund Status

People struggling with their finances keep checking their federal income tax refund status, as an early refund would provide them the much required financial boost. Many people, however, are not aware of how to find this tax refund status online. This status check can be quite baffling, at times, since you should know about the state that manages the refund process.

Federal Income Tax Refund

Time taken to receive a refund depends on what technique you have used to file your returns – electronic, via US mail, etc. Filing via post is definitely a slower process than filing through email. Hence, it takes around six weeks to receive a refund after IRS receives your return file by post, and around 3 weeks in case of email.

You can also choose the mode of payment you would like to receive your refund through. There is an electronic transfer or a direct deposit, which is definitely quicker than the other option, check via mail. The selection of mail payment should be made in form 1040 while filing the return. If you want IRS to pay you via electronic payment option, you need to fill up a separate 8888 form.

How to Check Federal Income Tax Refund Status?

If you want to check Federal income tax return status, you can visit the official IRS website ( and go to ‘Where’s my refund’ page. Or you can check it over the phone by dialing 1-800-829-1954. You cannot, however, check the status immediately after filing the return. In case of email filing, you can check it after 3 days, and in case of mail, you can know your status after 3 weeks.

How to Get Quick IRS Tax Refund?

One of the major reasons in day of tax refund, other than mode of filing it, is errors in the form. By eliminating these common errors, you can avail a quick refund:

  1. Incorrect Social Security Number
  2. Incorrect income report
  3. Arithmetical errors in calculating deductions, taxable income, earned income credit, total tax payments, etc.
  4. Common mathematical errors
  5. Particulars not filled in, or filled in under wrong headings

Besides these delays, each state has different rules for tax refund process. You can visit the IRS website and know about rules governing tax refund process in your state. You can also visit to check federal income tax refund status.

Best gold funds in 2010

One can invest in gold either by buying physical gold or by investing in companies that are involved in gold businesses like mining, reselling, distribution, refining, processing, and so on. Buying the stocks of such companies, however, would be quite risky. Other alternatives like gold mutual funds and gold ETFs have gained popularity in recent years due to the convenience it provides to the investors. Let’s understand why they are considered to best gold funds in 2010.

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If you want to be a Millionaire think Like a Banker

So, you want to be a millionaire like the elite few? That’s a wonderful thing, but you will never become a millionaire if your mindset is quite similar to an average person. When you handle your checkbook, treat it as if you work for the bank instead of just blowing it away for personal use. There is only one way to become wealthy and that’s by managing your money efficiently. Most of us are under debt, crave for more money and live from paycheck to paycheck because of ineffective use of funds.

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